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L2 Freya live on PTS -starting with July 29, 2010

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Lineage 2 News - Lineage 2 Updates

NCSoft will add latest lineage 2 update on eu/us public test server starting with 19 july.

Official announcement:

That's right, everyone! The era of Freya is almost upon us! On July 29, 2010, the Freya PTS client will be live and players can begin exploring this most exciting of game updates. On the same day, the interactive Freya Preview Site and the Patch Notes will be also be available. Prepare yourselves for an exciting PTS experience with GM activities by reading the Freya PTS Fun schedule! Discuss these upcoming PTS events with your friends on the forums.

In the next period (after 29 july) NCSoft have big plans with PTS players. The list below can explin more:

Last Updated (Saturday, 24 July 2010 20:40)

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Lineage 2 Freya Armors Data/Stats

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Lineage 2 News - Lineage 2 - Freya The 2nd Throne
  • Vesper Armor will be craftable
  • New S80 & S84 Weapons and Armor will be added; named Destiny, Eligy , Bofess and Elegia
  • There's been some conflicting stories about the level of each item, so it has been left out of the table below at the moment, to be updated once confirmed.

Last Updated (Saturday, 24 July 2010 17:14)

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Lineage 2 Freya, The Next Update after Gracia Plus/Epilogue

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Lineage 2 News - Lineage 2 Updates

Lineage 2 FreyaWondering what the next update will be in the Lineage 2 saga after Gracia Epilogue? Seams that the new update will possibly be named "Freya" and will feature some pretty interesting things.

It is planned to introduce Armor Augmentation, with different properties bestowed on Armor of different Grades
- Setting up Private Stores within a certain distance of NPCs will be prohibited to ensure access to those NPCs for everybody
- Recipes for basic materials (Cokes, Varnish of Purity ...) will be easier to get (via quests?)
The Gracia Survivors' teleportation fees will be lowered
Creating Cloaks for A- and S-Grade Armor is under consideration
The Seeds on Gracia will be converted to instances during occupation too, and there will be more ways to get Attribute Crystals
Sonic Rage will be modified so that it can be charged up to stage 8.
The Frintezza raid will be converted to an instance.- Three new varieties of 80+ armor and weapons will be added. It is not yet clear at which precise level they can be used.
Vesper armor will become craftable.
As announced before there will also be new Raid Bosses in this update.

with the new update, the concept of "War between Countries" (Aden and Elmore?) will be introduced. Kwondoh thinks that the wording indicates that this might not yet be in the Freya update.

In the next update, every castle can be via a specific system elevated to a special level.

There will be 20 new skills in the next update, "Freya".

Last Updated (Saturday, 24 July 2010 16:19)

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Lineage II Freya Update Is Just a Beginning

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Lineage 2 News - Lineage 2 Updates

Lineage 2 Freya UpdateNCsoft spills out details on a new update Freya for thisisgame.com. Freya is a new update since Lineage II Chaotic Throne: Gracia Part 1 in April 2008. thisisgame.com met with a development team leader, Jae Hyuk Han, at NCsoft in Korea after Freya update had applied to a test server on January 20th.

Aion Brought Out a Sense of Crisis

thisisgame.com(TIG): It's been a while since the last Lineage 2 update, hasn't it?

Jae Hyuk Han (Han): There has been some update but as for a major update, it's been two years since The Chaotic Throne. To tell you the truth, Freya was ready when Aion was launched. At that time, Lineage 2 was gaining momentum and we were going to update big time to maintain that momentum. But ever since Aion entered the competition, we had mulled over if it was a right decision to go ahead with the update. Then we reached the decision it wouldn't work as we hoped.

TIG: That means you started over again?

Han: Yes. We canceled everything and started over. For the next six months, our team looked at a new direction in order to deliver a better contents.

Last Updated (Saturday, 24 July 2010 16:17)

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