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Lineage 2 News - Lineage 2 Updates

We all wonder if the Goddess Of Destruction is the last Lineage II update and, if so, what will be the next release given that NCSoft has announced the long-awaited Lineage 3 under the name of Lineage Eternal.

This is the question I asked myself the other day when I was thinking that the passage of Lineage 2 to Free Play cannot mean the end of the game.

To my surprise, I found out that GoD is more like a new beginning rather than the end of the game. Starting with October, a new update called “Lineage 2 Harmony Chronicle” was added to the Korean servers. And this update will definitely reach the US and Europe servers by mid-2012.

The Lineage 2 Harmony Chronicle update will repair some of the bugs of Goddess of Destruction but will also significantly improve the gameplay and will make the “path to awakening” much easier.

Here are some of the modifications Lineage 2 Harmony Chronicle will bring:

Lineage 2 Harmony

Auction House Changes

The registration fee is 0.01% of the sales price, the minimum registration fee is 1000 Athena. This is non refundable.

Once another player buys the item, a fee of 0.5% will be deducted from the overall transaction amount and the remainder will be sent to seller via the mail system.

For example: player sells an item for 1,000,000 adena. the npc automatically deducts 1000 adena (.01% is only 100 adena, but minimum fee is 1000 adena)from your inventory. when another player purchases the item for 1,000,000 adena, 5000 adena (0.5%) will be deducted from the 1,000,000 and the seller will recieve an email with 995,000 adena.

Hunting Area Changes

Labyrinth of Katia

1. 6 new instanced dungeons for either solo play or party of 7 play at level 85, 90 and 95.

2. Dungeons reset every morning at 6:30 am

3. Talk to Katia npc in Aden to participate

Fantasy Island

1. Fantasy Island 'Social Action Raid "has been added

2. A fantastic weekend at the entrance to the stage of the islands 'haeah' can be carried through

3. To proceed with the raid, a three-party coalition is required

4. No level limit to participate.

5. To successfully win the Social Action Raid, you must use a variety of social actions at each step as the raid progresses.

6. If successful, you recieve fantasy island coins and the "Blessing of Noblesse 'buffs as a reward.

7. Raid instance resets every morning at 6:30 am

Imperial Tomb & Shrine of Loyalty

1. This area has been changed so that players level 76-85 can hunt here

2. A teleport has been added in Goddard town for players to teleport directly.

XP and SP boost

The following areas will give increased xp and sp:

1. Silent Valley

2. Isle of Prayer

3. Plains of the lizardmen

4. Primative Island (dino island)

5. Dragon Valley entrance

Herb changes

1. Hunting is being dropped from the list of herbs: mysterious magic herb, mysterious power herb was added.

2. A list of items that drop from Saint herbs have been changed as follows: herb of life, herb of mana, a mysterious power herb, a mysterious magic herb, the herb of doubt

3. When a player consumes a herb of doubt, there is a random chance the effect will be the baguette (weapon looks like bread and player gets an afro hairstyle) or big head effect


Mentoring System

Since we dont have confirmation that this will appear on the NA servers, I have not done a complete breakdown of that system. The harmony update is minor and I will show the changes here.

1. The amount of mentoring tokens recieved has doubled.

2. Issue with skill icon not appearing in skill list window has been resolved.


Issue with clan sub unit not being able to acquire fort clan skills has been resolved.


Much more data will come soon...


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+2 #1 MortalK 2011-11-29 23:44

this is a greate news , ofcourse, after Lineage 3 announcement ;)
I like this game much , more and more and more ......