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Kartia's Labyrinth

The Dimensional Rift has already changed the perspective of the world in the minds of the adventurers of Aden. Now, with Shilen’s awakening, the boundaries between dimensions have become even more distorted. Kartia’s Labyrinth is a strategic stronghold that exists in another dimension. It is ruled by three of the Goddess’ most beloved demons. The Kartia Researcher has been sent to Aden to recruit brave adventurers to fight them, lest the demons pour into our own dimension and bring doom.


The Kartia’s Labyrinth instanced dungeon has been added to the game. The instanced zone has three difficulty levels: 85, 90, and 95, and players can choose to enter solo or in a party for each level range. If one enters solo, the player is grouped with NPCs of basic class types, with some say in which classes accompany them.

Eligible players may enter the instanced zone by speaking to the Kartia Researcher NPC who can be found in the central plaza of the town of Aden. The instanced dungeon’s lock-out timer resets at 6:30 a.m. server time every day.

The Kartia Researcher in Aden also offers daily quests for each of the six versions of Kartia’s Labyrinth (one each per three level ranges and per solo or party play).

Changes to Hunting Areas

76 to 85 Level Range

Certain pre-existing hunting zones have been altered to be appropriate to higher level ranges. The Shrine of Loyalty (formerly suitable to players levels 73 and higher) and the Imperial Tomb (formerly suitable to the upper 70s level range) are now solo hunting zones for players from level 76 to level 85. Both of these areas also have new quests.

The amount of XP and SP gained from some monsters in the following hunting zones has increased:

  • Silent Valley (open field for players level 74 and higher)
  • Isle of Prayer (open field for players level 78 and higher)
  • Plains of the Lizardmen (open field for players level 83 and higher)
  • Primeval Isle (open field for players level 83 and higher)
  • Entrance to Dragon Valley (open field for players level 81 and higher)


Fantasy Isle

Every weekend, players can enter a special event on Fantasy Isle by speaking to the Stage Manager Haia NPC near the stage. To join the event, three full parties of characters must form a command channel, making a raid force of 21 characters. There is no level requirement to join and no discrimination between characters’ different levels. The event consists of performing various emotes (also known as social actions, which can be found in the Action window) at each stage of the event, in response to directions given by the Bard NPC. If the raid force successfully completes the event they receive Fantasy Isle Coins and the Blessing of Noblesse buff as rewards. The event’s instance resets at 6:30 a.m. server time every day.



A new teleport path from the Gatekeeper in the town of Goddard to the Imperial Tomb has been added to the game.


Bug Fix

In Antharas’ Lair, the Land Dragon’s Patroller Knoriks no longer returns to his original spawn point when attacked.

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