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New Items

The item Rope of Magic (R-grade) has been added to the game.

The following items have been added to the sales list of Grocer NPCs in all major towns:

  • A-Grade and B-Grade Soulshots and Blessed Spiritshots
  • Rope of Magic (R-grade)
  • Powerful Healing Potion


The following new items have been added to the game and can be acquired from Recipe Trader Rian in Gludin Village:


  • Recipe: Soulshot Compressed Pack (R-Grade)
  • Recipe: Spiritshot Compressed Pack (R-Grade)
  • Recipe: Blessed Spiritshot Compressed Pack (R-Grade)

An upgraded version of Istina’s Bracelet has been added to the game. It can be obtained by taking a regular Istina’s Bracelet and a Bottle of Istina’s Soul to Rumanese.

Refined Istina’s Bracelet: Activates 5 talisman slots when equipped. Boost MP by 216, and CON and MEN by 1. Cannot be exchanged, dropped, or enchanted. Can be stored in a private warehouse.


New Herbs

The Herb of Mysterious Power and Herb of Mysterious Magic Power have been added to the game. They act as consolidations of former Herb items, which have been removed from the game.

There are now only five Herbs in the game:

  • Herb of Life: Instantly restores a certain amount of HP.
  • Herb of Mana: Instantly restores a certain amount of MP.
  • Herb of Mysterious Power: P. Atk. is increased by 100% for 1 minute and 30 seconds.
  • Herb of Mysterious Magic Power: M. Atk. is increased by 400% for 1 minute and 30 seconds.
  • Herb of Doubt: Your character is affected by a random transformation for 10 minutes.

When a character obtains the Herb of Doubt item, they will gain one of the following three effects at random:

  • Enlarged head: For 10 minutes, the size of your head is enlarged.
  • Vesper armor and weapon transformation: For 10 minutes, the equipped weapon and armor appear to be its Vesper-series equivalent.
  • Baguette transformation: For 10 minutes, the equipped weapon appears to be a pastry or bakery item.

Changes To Items

Auction House

When selling an item through the Auction House, the seller character now pays a registration fee for putting the item up for sale, and a sales fee for when the item sells.

Registration Fee: The greater number of either 1,000 Adena or 0.01% of the item’s Sale Price per day that the item is registered for sale. For example: if an item’s Sale Price is 200,000,000 Adena, the seller must pay a 20,000 Adena Registration Fee if they put it up for sale for 1 day, 60,000 Adena Registration Fee for 3 days, 100,000 Adena for 5 days, etc... .

Sales Fee: When an item sells from the Auction House, the Sales Fee is deducted from the amount of Adena paid for the item before the payment is mailed to the seller. The Sales Fee is the greater number of either 1,000 Adena, or 0.5% of the item’s Sale Price per days that the item was registered for. For example: an item that is up for sale for 5 days sells for 200,000,000 Adena, so 5,000,000 Adena is deducted as the Sales Fee, and 195,000,000 Adena is mailed to the seller.



New items have been added to the Auctioneer sales list:

  • Various rare Soul Crystals
  • Blessed R95-Grade items
  • Enhanced rare accessories


Wondrous Cubic

The rewards related to Wondrous Cubics have been changed. Please note that the R-Grade Enchant Scrolls cannot be obtained directly from the Wondrous Cubic, but are obtained by trading fragments.

New Rewards

Removed Rewards

Cubic Fragment (R-Grade)

Wondrous Cubic

Shiny Cubic Fragment (R-Grade)

Refined Cubic (1-time use)

Standard R-Grade Enchant Scrolls

C-Grade and D-Grade Cubic Fragments

Blessed R-Grade Enchant Scrolls

Ziggo’s Jewel



The amount of ingredients required for crafting R-grade items has been increased. The likelihood of crafting higher quality R-grade items has increased.

The items available for exchange of the following certificates has changed from standard items to crafting materials and recipes:

  • Certificates/Proofs of Fidelity
  • Certificates of Promise
  • Certificates of Life
  • Certificates of Hero
  • Certificates of Hell


Bug Fixes

  • The Refined Devil Horn item now displays correctly when on the ground.
  • When a player is equipped with a bracelet and then switches to a lower-level bracelet, the number of Talisman slots available now adjusts correctly.

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