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When a skill's enchanting options are changed, the enchanting level no longer decreases.

New enchanting options have been added to the skills that are acquired after awakening.

  • Attack: Additional damage applied
  • Wind Walk: Speed increase
  • Entangle: Speed decrease
  • Might: P. Atk. increase
  • Shield: P. Def. increase
  • Empower: M. Atk. increase
  • Magic Barrier: M. Def. increase
  • Shield Defense: Shield defense increase
  • Weakness: P. Atk. decrease
  • Hex: P. Def. decrease
  • Mind: M. Def. decrease
  • Chance Shock: Stun success rate increase
  • Chance Knock Down: Knock down success rate increase
  • Chance Paralyze: Paralysis success rate increase
  • Chance Bleed: Bleed success rate increase
  • Chance Poison: Poison success rate increase
  • Chance Hold: Hold success rate increase
  • Chance Fear: Fear success rate increase
  • Chance Sleep: Sleep success rate increase
  • Chance Exile: Dismiss success rate increase
  • Break Shock: Resistance to stun decrease
  • Break Knock Down: Resistance to knock down decrease
  • Break Paralyze: Resistance to paralysis decrease
  • Break Bleed: Resistance to bleed decrease
  • Break Poison: Resistance to poison decrease
  • Break Hold: Resistance to hold decrease
  • Break Fear: Resistance to fear decrease
  • Break Sleep: Resistance to sleep decrease
  • Distance: Effect range increase

It has been changed so that a skill cannot be enchanted while its skill reuse time is remained.

The quantity of rewards (Lesser Giant's Essence, SP) acquired for enchanting stage 3 class skills upon awakening has been changed to be 30% of the previous quantity.


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