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Lineage 3

As everyone already knows, the biggest and most expensive Lineage 2 upgrade, since its launch in 2003 in Korea, was released this year.
After almost 8 years and countless upgrades, NCSoft, the company that created this game, has decided to do an extreme makeover and change the style that made it famous.

This is where “The Goddess of Destruction” upgrade comes in. It introduces new gameplay elements, a new graphic engine, new classes and over 200 new items. The upgrade was performed on the Asian servers since the beginning of 2011 and is anxiously awaited for on the US and Europe servers at the end of the current year.

As expected, you might ask what does this massive upgrade have to do with the future Lineage series game, Lineage 3 ?
Well, unconfirmed sources claim that this upgrade is practically Lineage 3, but due to marketing concerns, it’s been launched as an upgrade for Lineage 2. The same sources claim that this decision was taken in order to mitigate the success of their main competitor, World of Warcraft, who registered a significant increase in the number of players since the last upgrade.

Thus, it seems that the financial crisis in the recent years together with the fierce competition on the market have buried Lineage 3 even before it was born. After many years of uncertainty as regards the date when Lineage 3 will be launched and the problems in 2008, it seems that we are further and further from the moment Lineage 3 will see the light at the end of the monitor.



0 #2 George 2011-11-28 14:45
Well, seams NCSoft found other good developers and finaly announced L3 ;)

This is the best news I hearde from long time ago ;)
0 #1 Lineage 2 from c3 2011-11-09 13:51
Originally, the team who was developing Lineage 2 and 3 is the one called now Blue Hole, that programers team is the one working nowdays on TERA, which was specting to be launched this year (they are still changing the data latering it until december 2012). When they left NCSoft, it brings out Aion and the work on lineage3 was on the entrie internet, then you could wach the main city wiht an amazing giantic gear wheel... months later TERA was anounced and in his firts trailer you could see all the work that was febore for the lineage 3.
The point is that NCSoft keeps the Lineage name, but their are not the developers who years later develop Lineage 2 and the future Lineage 3.
In the other hand NCSoft has been working with a new team on the new lineage 3 wich is inspired on lineage 2 contrary to what you will seeing on TERA... when they come to the light, we can judge if something of the Lineage 2 remains on them.